Working With A Licensed Electrician In Houston To Prepare For Emergencies

Nearly all homes throughout the nation are heavily reliant upon natural gas and electricity. Without these power sources, staying warm during times of severe weather can be downright impossible. All the layered clothing and extra blankets in the world are hardly enough for consistent safety during the winter months. Fortunately, you can work with a licensed electrician in Houston to safeguard your home against weather emergencies.

One of the best ways to do this is with backup generator installation. A generator can meet your household’s entire power supply needs during any outage event. If services from your utility company stop, you can simply rely on this unit until energy is restored to your home.

Proper installation is key for making sure that these additional property features are up to code, safe for use, and guaranteed to work when you need to rely on them. When homeowners attempt to do these jobs themselves, they often make the mistake of backfeeding. This occurs when the generator supply is tied directly to the main utility supply. As a result, power winds up being backfed into the system. This can cause serious injury and even death for utility company workers who are fixing downed lines. It can also cause damage to local homes. Backfeeding is illegal and something that you can easily avoid by working with a certified electrician.

It’s also important to be cognizant of the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning when these projects are handled poorly. Any time you use an appliance with a functional motor, this appliance must be properly vented. Contrary to what many Houston homeowners think, this emergency equipment should never be installed indoors.

Working with Definite Electric will help you establish a safe and legal plan for powering your home in emergency events. Even if you use natural gas as your main source of heat, an emergency generator will allow you to use electric blankets, space heaters, your stove, and many other wintertime essentials for power outages. Best of all, we can help you avoid problems with backfeeding, and with harmful, residual gases that might negatively impact the quality of your indoor air.