Top Four Power Outlet Issues That Need A Residential Electrician In Katy TX For Immediate Replacement

Routine inspection of the electrical outlets remains a fundamental approach that keeps power issues and emergencies away from homeowners. Ensuring the outlets are in good condition prevents wires from sparking and current surge when you plug in appliances. In addition, liaising with electricians to inspect and repair any faulty electrical issue can save you from minor accidents such as electric shocks and major issues like electric fires. The rest of the discussion below outlines notable signs that let you know the time to call a residential electrician in Katy TX.

Chipped or Cracked Outlets

Cracked or chipped outlet plates expose wiring concealed in the walls to hazards such as water and dust. The cracking also exposes great electrocution risk to the people within your apartments at any slight touch. Thus, it is essential to contact us to inspect and repair such outlets to prevent possible hazards. In addition, such exposed wiring increases the risk of electrocution, electrical fires, and short-circuiting, especially if sparks exit from the cracked outlets and land on rugs and flammable items.

Electric Shocks when Plugging into Outlets

The surging of uncontrolled electric currents towards an outlet can give an electric shock to anyone trying to plug into it. Faulty wiring and unprotected outlets usually cause these surges especially after car charger installation. Therefore, we always encourage homeowners to install a ground fault circuit interrupter, which detects unusual current increases and shuts down the flow automatically before it damages your home or hurts people during electrical panel installation.

Warm Outlet Covers

All the electrical switches and outlets should be cool to the touch. Any warmth on these appliances indicates that wires are becoming unusually hot and almost overheating. Extreme warmth and overheating can precipitate short-circuiting, leading to severe damage. When you notice such incidences, the best thing to do is to switch off the electricity and unplug the appliances as you prepare to call the electrician.

Burning Smell from Power Outlets

It is prudent to call your electrician right away if you notice any burning smell emanating from any power outlet. However, the first step to approaching such a situation is to shut down the power source to avoid further damage. The burning smell indicates faulty wiring that could be burning the insulation within the electrical system. Luckily, our experts are always ready to respond to such emergencies on time and prevent any possible damage.