Common Failures That Require Transformer Repair In Houston TX

Electricity distribution requires reliability. Even though transformers rarely malfunction, when they do it has a big impact. The damaged equipment will require transformer repair in Houston TX. Various faults can lead to power outages.


How long the machine has been functioning can lead to wear and tear and eventual breakdown. This is largely dependent on the cumulative hours that the equipment is operational. Heavy frequent usage leads to quicker aging.


Overloading or overheating can result in thermal damage. This reduces the effectiveness of the equipment. Therefore, maintenance by licensed electricians in Houston is necessary. A professional ensures that the load settings are suitable based on the needs.

Lack of maintenance

If the apparatus is not well maintained regularly, it’s quite likely going to fail after some time. Machines that have been left unattended and have been overtaken by overgrown trees and bushes could fail. Also, the things that are obstructing them could cause damage.

Loose connections

Due to constant vibration, wires could end up becoming loose. If this is not corrected in time, it can lead to too much buzzing.


Lack of cooling can lead to overheating. Cooling issues can be caused by blockages. Alternatively, the cooling fans may not be working.

Lightning surges

Lightning surges can affect the apparatus and even destroy it. But with a good machine design, this is less likely to happen.

Issues may arise after a lightning strike. This can be dealt with with the help of a surge arrester during the initial commercial electrical installation. The arrester works by conducting the current to the ground.


If moisture finds its way into the apparatus and mixes with the insulating liquid, this is not good. Hence, the tank should be tightly sealed. Additionally, lack of proper maintenance can cause moisture to get to the silica gel during the natural breathing process.